Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ancestry Classes Available

Image result for ancestryHow many of you have Ancestry accounts but don't know how or why to use them?  Sister Trish Meyers is excited to teach about Ancestry in her upcoming series of classes to be held on Fridays at 1:00 September 15 through October 6.

 Ancestry has billions of records to discover.  Some of these records are on FamilySearch, but others are only found on Ancestry.   You will learn how to search for these records.

Ancestry has other powerful strengths.  These are best utilized when you create and maintain your own family tree in  Ancestry.  When you have a tree on Ancestry, no one can change your information. You can choose to make your tree Public so that anyone can see your family tree or you can make it Private.  The advantage of making it Public is that cousins and relatives can contact you with questions, suggestions, and offers to share other information and pictures.

The hinting feature on Ancestry makes finding records easy.  When hints are available, you will see a "Shaky Leaf" on your Pedigree View of your tree.  In many cases these hints show up immediately when you add a new individual.  The more information you add, the more hints you will see.  These hints not only include records, but stories, photos, and documents that other Ancestry members have added.

Please join us as we learn how to use Ancestry.com.  You will be amazed with the discoveries you make about your family.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

FamilySearch Classes beginning soon!

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Would you like to know more about FamilySearch.org?  Classes are beginning September 5 and will be taught by a popular and knowledgeable FamilySearch missionary, Elder Steve Hiltbrand.  Here is what Elder Hiltbrand says about the FamilySearch series he will be teaching:

 "I am happy to present a series of classes on doing family history on FamilySearch.org.  The classes will begin on September 5 at 1:00 pm and continue every Tuesday for 6 weeks.  We will spend time with the program and see how it works. In the coming weeks we will learn how to edit names, add individuals and correct relationships.  
Those pictures of grandpa and grandma can be added to you family tree so others can appreciate them as well as other documents.  Researching the records in Family Search as well as other data bases will be reviewed.
When you find sources in other places we will learn how to attach them to Family Tree as well.  All of this will lead to having names ready for the temple if that is your end goal.  If it is just to find family members we can do that too.  Come to the classes and enjoy learning about these individuals they will become alive and not just names and dates on the paper."

Bring a friend or family member and join us for fun and great learning experiences at the Idaho Falls Family Search Library!

Farewell to Old Friends and Welcome to New Faces!

Sister Debbie Smith is no longer serving as a family search missionary at our center here in Idaho Falls.  Sister Smith served  as a missionary for about two years. We appreciate her service. She has been very dedicated in teaching classes on Find A Grave and Find Your Past.  She is an excellent resource for many of our programs here at the library, and will be sorely missed. She has been a supervisors over planning and scheduling, and doing monthly reports for our directors.  She is now wanting to spend more time with her children and grandchildren. Her talents will be used in her ward and stake. She has told us that she plans to be back often, taking classes and working on her family history. We will miss Sister Smith, but we know the Lord will guide her on her new adventures. Good luck, and happy adventures.

We are also sorry to see Sister Claudia Warwick and Sister Morgan leave, and we also wish them the best in their future endeavors.  Their work and dedication at the Family Search Library have been greatly appreciated, and they will be missed!

In contrast, we are excited to announce some new faces here at the Library.  These new missionaries include the following:

Alton Wilde
Paula Wilde
Jean Smith
Kathy Shearer
Nancy Tonks
Maxine McCoy
Beverly Williams
Neil Harwood
Olive Harwood

If you would like to learn more about family history work and possibly be a volunteer or serve as a missionary, contact the Family Search Library or stop in and visit with Elder or Sister Meyers.  Many of the missionaries begin knowing very little about family history, but training is provided, and soon they are better able to do their own research, as well as help others!  Great blessings come to those who are involved in family history work!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Watch For These Upcoming Classes at the Family Search Library!

Classes are taught each day at the Family Search Library to help you find your ancestors. Two of our instructors have shared some information about the class they will teach in the very near future. We are hopeful that this will help you get excited about coming and learning with us.

First, Sister Janice Zabriskie will be teaching us about sourcing, because "genealogy without documentation is mythology." Here are her thoughts:  
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Attaching hints is my specialty. I love validating dates and places. Once upon a time (in the not too distant past) I added a spouse to my 2nd great grandmother without any sources. A wise relative emailed me and wanted my source for this spouse (which I did later attach). He said “Without sources your ancestors are just a myth”. I thought this very wise counsel and have been finding and attaching source documents ever since. It doesn’t matter where I go in my family tree, I find sources to attach and family members who have been left out and thus forgotten.
I recently received an email from a distant cousin in the Alcott family.  My response was as follows:"When I got your email I thought I would wander around this Alcott family for awhile.  The first thing I found was a baby girl belonging to Rufus and Maria Alcott.  The 1910 Census said 9 children were born and 5 were living.  I had a total of 8 children.  So I went looking and found a baby girl named Mary C Alcott who was born and died in 1881.  I was so excited to add her to her family.  We are very distant cousins.  I am having a great time getting to know the Alcott's."
This is very common.  I would challenge everyone to start attaching their record hints and see how many family members they can add to their family tree.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised!
Sister Zabriskie will teach the sourcing class on August 23 @ 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.  Come join us for this informative class! 
Another great class that is coming up at the Family Search Library is Beginning Computers taught by Sister Stavast and Sister Howell.  Here is Sister Howell's description of the class:
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Beginning Computer: This class is designed for individuals who may be intimidated when it comes to anything to do with the computer. We don’t teach computer keyboarding but we do teach how to work through computer documents and files. We teach individuals to create documents and files using a variety of sources and then to save them in such a way that they can be found easily. We go slow and steady. We touch on researching information on the internet and internet safety tips. We help each other to make sure concepts are understood and when necessary, we reteach the concept. It is a good class for those who don’t understand how the computer works to those individuals who just need a little extra help in knowing how to organize their information. We encourage questions and concerns so people will become comfortable with using more technology in their daily life. We have a good time.

The beginning computer class consists of 8 sessions.  The first one begins September 14 @ 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. here at the Family Search Library.  They are held each week at the same time for the next seven weeks.
For a list of additional classes, please click on the schedule link on the home page.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Family History Ideas for Summer

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Summer Family History Ideas

Ever wonder what you might want to do for your next family home evening or your next reunion? Sister Welch, one of our supervisors at the FamilySearch Library, gave a very informative class this last week on family activities that will spark your youngest to oldest member to want to seek out information about their relatives. You can go to the class downloads on the front page of our website, and there you will find links  for all the exciting games that you can make or play on your computer.  The download has the links to many fun family friendly activities that you can do in the comfort of your own home, or print off to use for your family.  For more information on other activities, go to the site menu and click "activities," to find other games and information.  For this class hand out,  Click here

This class will be offered again this summer. The class schedules are also listed on the webpage.